Exploring Chef Chai: A Culinary Journey Through Hawaiian and Asian Fusion


At Chef Chai, food is an art & each course is more impressive than the last. Chef Chai Chaowasaree (“Chef Chai”), owner and chef of Chef Chai in Honolulu is recognized as one of Hawaii’s top Hawaii Regional Cuisine chefs. One visit to his restaurant will have you understanding why.

Watch the video of our experience here.

I have been to this superb contemporary venue over half a dozen times during the past two years I have lived on Oahu. Chef Chai is our go-to dinner spot for an exceptional meal. It is among our favorites for special occasions and a must-visit stop when family & friends come to visit. But Chef Chai is not your average fine-dining dinner, it is a culinary experience. Chef is usually always at the location, checking on you during your meal, which really makes the experience even more memorable.


Without further ado, let’s get into our meal at Chef Chai.

It may not come as a surprise that the cocktails are every bit as impressive as the food. We began with the ‘Aloha Caliente,’ Chai’s take on a spicy margarita & ‘The Smoke Show,’ a drink so unique I’ve never tasted anything comparable. Both were flawlessly crafted.

Chef Chai’s Signature Combination Appetizer Platter is a MUST when dining at Chef Chai. I have taken many friends & family to the location and everyone is always shocked at the uniqueness & artistic beauty of Chai’s appetizers. Everything is truly as delectable as it looks, if not better!


My Personal favorite of the appetizer sampler is the Kataifi Prawn, the most uniquely impressive appetizer you will ever enjoy.


I also love the Gravlax Salmon Roulade, such a delicious bite bursting with flavor!


Exquisite is an understatement when it comes to the entrees at Chef Chai.


We shared three entrees family-style, sampling seafood, meat & vegetarian plates.

Below is the Miso Chilean Sea-Bass, the absolute best fish I have ever tried. I usually am not a huge fan of fish, but this was a game-changer for me. It served with delicious Steamed Coconut Milk Ginger Brown Rice. 850_6878.jpg

Next is the Mongolian Style Lamb Chops. Need I say more? Look at this plate! I like my lamb medium-rare & this was cooked to perfection. These were HUGE lamb chops too. They were so big I even had some to take home.850_6876.jpg

Last to review is the Vegetable Terrine with Green Curry Sauce. This was hands-down the best green curry I have ever had & I like to consider myself a green curry connoisseur. So much flavor & the vegetables were cooked perfectly as well. It is served with fresh pita on the side.


My all-time favorite entrees at Chef Chai are the Miso Chilean Sea Bass, Mongolian Style Lamb Chops, Pan Seared Fresh Jumbo Hokkaido Scallop with Lobster Reduction and the Braised Kurobuta Pork Osso Bucco.

Our next cocktails were the Slightly Old Fashioned & the Poha Berry Bramble, a rosemary-infused vodka berry drink topped with a Port Float, this was my favorite cocktail of the evening. I mean, just look at it. IMG_9764.jpg

An old-fashion made right is always worth noting, and Chef Chai hits the nail right on the head. The Luxardo Cherries on top are absolutely scrumptious as well.


We were so full by this point but Chai’s desserts are so fantastic so we couldn’t skip out on them. We enjoyed an amazing molten chocolate lava cake followed by my personal favorite, a white-chocolate covered sorbet. IMG_9776-2.jpg

The White Chocolate Amore Gelato Truffle is my absolute favorite dessert at Chef Chai, I get it every time I go. It’s a heart-shaped white chocolate gelato filled with raspberry sorbet, Served with raspberry guava puree, so yum! IMG_9772.jpg

I must say, for the amazing quality of the food, service, and atmosphere of Chef Chai, the prices are very reasonable. If you’re coming to Oahu and want to enjoy an unforgettable evening out and true culinary experience, Chef Chai is your spot.

Now that you’re starving from reading this blog, go make a reservation at Chef Chai in Honolulu.


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